Sort of Date helps you plan meetings, parties and dates. We have tried our best to make the process easy and intuitive, but it's early days for us yet – you may have questions or run into some problems. If you want to send us feedback or report pesky bugs, please let us know at

Can I use Sort of Date for any kind of meeting or date or event?

You can. But please keep it legal.

How do I log in / make an account?

No need for that. We just need your name and your email address to start planning your date. We're not that fond of making accounts and remembering all those passwords ourselves, so we wanted to keep it as simple as possible.

But then how do I find the date I am planning again when I come back to the site?

When you start planning, we send you an email that contains a link to a page especially for that one date. There's a link in that email to a URL which will always contain the current state of affairs for your event. Follow the link to see who has responded and what their preferences were.

What do you do with the email addresses I give you?

We only use them to contact the people in your group. We do not sell or give addresses to any third party, and we do not use them to spam you.

Ooh, I like my popke. Can I use it elsewhere?

Sure. But only non-commercially. Popkes are licensed under a Creative Commons Licence: Attribution-NonCommercial.

Hey, I returned to the site to plan a new date, and it has remembered my popke, even though I don't have an account!

Yes, that's correct. We attach your popke to your email address. If you come back and use the same address to start something new, we re-use your popke to make you feel right at home here, even without logging in.


Yes. That's Dutch :-). You can also call them ‘avatars’ if you like.

I’m using IE6, and your site looks kinda sucky!

Sorry about that. You can use the whole site, everything works in IE6, but some things may look a bit wonky and/or they aren't as nice as in other browsers (for example, the "popkes"). If you download a new IE, Firefox, Opera, or Safari things will look much better.

How does Sort of Date make money?

Um, it doesn't, actually. We don't have a business plan, and we're not currently working on that. This is a design exercise and something we wanted to use ourselves.

But if I don’t have a login name and a password, doesn’t that mean that anyone can see my dates?

The URL for your date is only given out to you and to the people you have invited. No-one else will be able to see your page. In addition, each person you have invited has their own special URL as well – this means that they can’t change each other’s votes. Your planned dates are safe and private.

How long will you store my dates?

For now, we will keep them indefinitely: both the dates that are still being planned (i.e. not everybody who was invited has responded yet) and the dates that have been finalised. This will probably change at some time in the future.

Hey, I have this cool new feature that you should really implement!

We’d love to hear it! Please let us know at, or follow us on Twitter ( and send us a message there.