About us

Hey, let's get together to practice with our new band! Or we could go to the zoo, to the beach, or to the mall. Maybe we could play football on Sunday, hockey on Wednesday, or eat dinner at Jane's house on Tuesday?

You have tons of good ideas to do something fun with your friends. But those friends are busy people. And that can make it hard to reach everybody and quickly agree on what the best option is for the whole group. Or even for most people.

Sort of Date helps you plan your dinner parties, outings or book clubs. You will spend less time in endless email-loops and more time actually doing fun things with your friends. Or useful things with your family. Or annoying but ultimately rewarding things with your siblings. That's up to you. We're just here to make the planning go smoothly.

No hassle

You don't to make an account, we won't bother you with lots of unnecessary steps or emails, and we certainly won't spam you or sell your data.

Sort of Date is a project by:

Sort of Date is a work in progress – we will keep improving it in coming months. We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Email us at info@sortofdate.com, or follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sortofdate/.